I am Mistress Adrienne of NYC, a Pro Domme since 2006, lifestyle fetishist and power player since an early age. I got my professional start at the Dungeons of Mistress Elizabeth's, where I set a record for most repeat clients in my first week of work. Dominance is my nature and men respond with obedience and the desire to serve. 

I left the house dungeon in 2008 so that I could exercise more control over my image, clientele, and work space. Becoming an independent Mistress was an obvious transition for an in-demand professional such as myself, and I have been very successful year after year. I've played at dungeons, parties, and private spaces all over the world, meeting wonderful slaves and fellow Mistresses. 

For years I was quite private with my public image, but as of 2014 I entered the world of social media where you can follow my adventures. Links are given in the contact section of this web page. I do not do Clips4Sale and do not intend to, for various reasons.

I am an American Goddess of mixed European descent. I stand 5"5 in my size 7 bare feet. I follow a pescetarian diet and take ballet classes for personal discipline.

I have a degree in Literature and enjoy writing, fashion, and photography, especially when they highlight my life in the fetish world. I am certified to teach yoga and Pilates and can train slaves who need to get in shape!

Power play and fetishism is what I love, and I take pleasure in making it my business.