I am Mistress Adrienne, a respected player in the world of female domination and fetish modeling. My professional experience began in 2006 at The Dungeons of Mistress Elizabeth’s in New York City, where I was instantly popular, setting a record for most repeat clients in My first week of work. What began as a way to explore My sexuality, quickly turned into a profession and a lifestyle. 

 I became an independent Domme in 2008, a natural step for an in-demand professional such as Myself. I had already been documenting My life in photos, and now I had the freedom to march My thigh-high boots around the world, camera and slaves always ready. During this time, I modeled for Bootlovers-dot-com, igniting My international reputation as a boot and leather fetishist. Beyond occasional boot modeling and local ads online, I did not advertise heavily and preferred to have a small group of regular slaves rather than a hectic work schedule. The freedom I allowed Myself in the early years set the tone for quality and authenticity above quantity and hustling. I was content with the business I had and the relationships I was forming. 

By 2014, I was ready to expand My reach as I watched many others in the business flourish on social media. I instantly multiplied My following by joining Twitter and Instagram and finally creating a web page. I already had more fans than I imagined, due to those who knew My distinctive photos from My ads over the years, reviews from clients online, and the famous Bootlovers spread. I enjoyed taking My business to the next level, and was proud of My work and reputation. I continued to play with My long-term regulars while becoming a New York tourist destination for eager submissives and fetishists, as I had men visiting Me from all over the world, every week. I made sure to take time to Myself, and continued to travel the world, visiting beaches and famous art, still in My thigh-high leather boots.

In 2016 My life changed when I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Although I did not go public until 2017, I entered semi-retirement abruptly due to the time and energy it takes to stay healthy, as well as a readjustment in priorities. With the love and respect of My peers and clients, I raised 40K to help pay for the financial difficulties caused by sudden illness. I became an inspiration for showing strength in vulnerability, and perseverance through pain. I never stopped wearing My boots and leather. 

My current availability is limited to one or two sessions per month. I accept limited sessions and photoshoots because I still desire kink, consensual power exchange, fetishism, and worship. BDSM is a stage for Me to live the fantasy. It is My sexual expression.

I am proud to still be in the game after thirteen wild years. I recently updated My session interests and am delighted with the response. I will never tire of men serving Me! Check My availability to see when I will be taking sessions in New York. 

For those wanting to know more about Me personally, I am an American Goddess with mixed European heritage. New York is My home base, but I’m often traveling as I feel connected to many places on Earth. I stand 5’5 in bare feet, with the figure of a ballerina, but My presence is very large. I am not loud or chaotic. I attract attention just by the way I carry Myself. 

My interests in fetishism, consensual pain, and power play began at an early age, although I did not start playing sexually with BDSM until My twenties, largely due to the fact that I grew up in a small town, with no kink. When I moved to New York City, I searched for a lifestyle scene and kink parties, ignorant to the existence of a professional scene. During one of My searches for a lifestyle meet-up, I checked Craigslist for BDSM, and found an ad hiring dominatrices. It was Mistress Elizabeth’s, the dungeon where I would get My start in the lifestyle. (Please note that the current Mistress Elizabeth’s is not related to the original.)

I have a bachelor’s degree in Literature and training certifications in yoga and Pilates. Intellectual and physical discipline have always been important to Me, and the arts are a lifelong passion. Be sure to follow My opera IG if you are interested in classical music and the exquisite leather outfits I wear to the performances. 

My love of fashion started very young, and was refined through years of working with high-end vintage clothing. I had already developed My style, and even some of My leather wardrobe, before I became a Pro-Domme. 

I desire positive exchanges between Me and My clients. Safety, honesty, and growth are important to Me. 

Although I am to the manor born, I am also a down-to-earth person with a sense of humor. I am strict but I am fair. I am an aesthete and have a very low tolerance for anything that’s not fabulous or functional. I am bohemian. I do not believe in excess. I believe in Beauty.