Mistress Adrienne's Current Fetishes / by Mistress Adrienne

I call myself a fetishist because I, like you, become extremely fixated and turned on by specific visuals, ideas, and sensations. Without listing all of my fetishes (too many), I thought it would be fun to reveal my trendiest fetishes, the ones that are getting me hot in the cold days of Autumn.

Wolford - Yes, of course I love the brand's sheer seamless pantyhose and silky black nylons, but what's pushing my fantasy right now are the bodysuits! The colors complement my Mediterranean skin while the taut fabric showcases the lines of my body. I love to mix a Wolford bodysuit with leather or jeans for a vanilla outing, keeping me stimulated in any location or event. The Wolford bodysuit is a symbol of my elegance, superiority, and supreme dedication to my body.

Strap-On - A given. Noted because I can't get enough and it never fails to excite me. 

Clove Cigarettes - I am a healthy Mistress. But an occasional clove allows me the oral pleasure of smoking while providing an opportunity for smoking play. The smell is good. However, cloves are banned for sale in NYC. I tried a luxe Nat Sherman and it didn't suffice. Too dirty cigarette-y tasting. I need the clove. I am huge on smells and tastes. Only cloves will satisfy my light smoking desires.

Tom Ford - His brand really suits me. Dangerously luxurious, resting at the top of the echelon. I enjoy his exclusive fragrances and his makeup. One day I will own one of his suits. 

Boots - Always. I cannot wear a favorite pair of boots without elevating my sexual energy. I covet new boots, staring at pictures, examining craft, shape, and decorative details. For daytime I like Ralph Lauren's high-end boots and for fetish wear I desire Fabulously Fetish. As I write, the boots linked on my Amazon Wishlist are circling around my head, taunting me with their possibilities! Although I am a Summer Goddess, I get pleasure wearing my riding boots daily in the Fall and Winter. I am giddy to think I have played in all of my boots - from the thigh-high leather stilettos to the low heel cowboy boots. Boot worship is high on my Xmas list!

Flowers - I adore flowers for the love, glamour, and dedication they represent. They become a fetish when I see them in a photograph or in a room during play.

Fur - After a decade of not wearing fur (moral reasons) I have returned to this fabulous intoxication. I am thrilled to have found one of my fur fantasies last month, a black monkey fur from the 1940s! I also desire a fox fur and a grey mink. Friends have been commenting, "You come alive when you wear that monkey fur." It gives me that extra extravagance and arrogance that dreams are made of. I will only wear vintage furs so as not to corrupt my moral stance. 

Alyssa Edwards - I have a lot of wholesome love and goodwill for this person but we are talking fetishes here, so I will tell you all of my kink. Straight up, I think Alyssa would make a fantastic Domme. Many times in session I will get a flash of what she would be doing if she were in the room with me and my slave. It really turns me on to imagine doing a double Domme session with her. I met Alyssa in October this year and she was very intrigued by my Dominance (and the fact that I came with a highly obedient slave). She totally has the potential for a Superior Mistress! As well, I am obsessed with her smooth, toned, tanned legs that she uses to great advantage. Watching her quickly climb up a set of stairs plays like a short reel over and over in my mind, to my delight. She has an aura that is hypnotizing and I was entranced the entire night I encountered her. This is very rare for me. My best slaves are on the lookout for her travel dates. 

Mistress Adrienne - Vain fetish? Yes. Deserved? Absolutely. I take a lot of pride in the fetish work I do - from photography to sculpting my body to acquiring fetish attire to the passion I give while playing. The other day I was musing, "If I were planning a trip to NYC and wanted to see a Mistress, who would I choose?" The answer, without pause or doubt, was "Adrienne!"