My Year in Travel, 2014 / by Mistress Adrienne

 Clockwise: Barcelona, London, Turks & Caicos, Tokyo

Clockwise: Barcelona, London, Turks & Caicos, Tokyo

“Those were the good years,” a friend once told me as he recounted the years he traveled most. The remark made an impression and encouraged me to be proactive about exploring the world, thankful for the ability to do so. Travel is a priority, and I’m crowning 2014 as a very good year. 

Australia – February: This was my first time in Australia, and I stayed in Sydney and Melbourne. As a beach bum/sun worshipper, I was quite happy on Bondi and Manly. The locals are in amazing shape and my lean-muscle fetish was stimulated as I watched beautiful people work out in swimsuits. Everyone is tan, supple, and sculpted; diamond thighs are dime a dozen. To support this picture of health, the organic and juicing lifestyle is quite popular in Sydney, without being trendy and elitist like it is in NYC. I was relieved to drink cell rejuvenating vegetables every morning. Melbourne was less healthy, more the type of place to drink an undercover beer on the street. Unfortunately, I found the fashion in both cities to be pedestrian and casual. I got a lot of startled stares while wearing suede cowboy boots with denim cutoffs. Although I certainly would return to Australia, it is not one of Mistress Adrienne’s chief destinations. Next time I’d want to see more of the countryside, the northern beaches, and Tasmania.

Columbus, Ohio – March and September: Columbus is a city I’m familiar with but had not visited in seven years. A dedicated slave and the chance to work with a world-renowned photographer inspired my trip in March. My slave and I had a wonderful session at Wicked Eden, a five-room dungeon filled with immaculate torture toys. He danced to Fleetwood Mac between hard beatings and rough anal play, touching my heart with his submission and desire to amuse me. The photo shoot with Chas Ray Krider produced amazing images, and I felt as if we knew each other deeply, without many words exchanged. In my spare time I explored the Short North, Columbus’s art district, and was surprised to find a badass clothing store filled with denim, leathers, and rock-and-roll-style tee shirts. I enjoyed myself so much that I returned in September and repeated the Wicked Eden/Chas Ray/shopping combo. Since Columbus is also home to a childhood friend, I plan to visit again soon.

Nashville, Tennessee – April: It may come as a surprise that I love country music, Western style, and comfort food, but that’s the truth! I also have a fetish for Southern accents. No surprise then, I was all about Nashville. It was my first time in Tennessee and I was really impressed with the shopping. There are bohemian boutiques, handmade denim salons, high-end Western shops, and tacky rhinestone-cowboy warehouses. I enjoyed wearing custom-made cowboy boots with tight jeans as I drank moonshine and boot-scooted with the locals at the honky-tonk bars. The food in Nashville was beyond delicious and there was not enough time to try everything. A whiskey lover, I appreciated the flights of whiskey offered at many restaurants. Unfortunately, I did not find the kink scene, but I did visit an unusual strip club, where the caliber of dancers was impressively varied. I saw a German Amazon Goddess do handstand splits in eight-inch stilettos followed by a scraggly girl in a mismatched bikini dancing like a cross-dresser in heels for the first time. I loved every minute.

Turks and Caicos – April: Since warm weather was taking its time arriving in NYC, I found myself visiting the beaches of Turks and Caicos. Many of you have mentioned how much you love my kinky strap-on pictures taken on the beach at night and they are indicative of the good time I had! I will say that Turks has a lot of families visiting, so during the day one has to take care about being provocative. My suggestion would be to sleep on the beach during the day and play on the beach at night. Also, although Turks and Caicos is a trendy and somewhat posh destination, there is only one fashionable boutique on the island. Pack accordingly.

Asbury Park, New Jersey – July: I can imagine some of you are laughing that I included New Jersey as a travel spot. But for me it was! Inspired by photographs of Asbury Park in the ’70s and ’80s, as well as the lyrics and life of Bruce Springsteen, I was curious to see this location. I love kitschy beaches and Asbury did not disappoint. Diverse crowd, lively boardwalk, and a long golden beach reaching to the crisp Atlantic waters. The Pink Pony and Wonder Bar were good venues to appreciate a blue-collar way of life. 

 Barcelona, Spain, and London, England – July: This was my first trip to Barcelona, so I will start with that city. I enjoyed the Dalí museum very much as he was an artist I considered overrated prior to this travel. The museum is not well visited, so one has the place to oneself and can spend a lot of private time with the extensive collection. I was impressed to discover many works that moved me. The Picasso museum was informative (mostly early work and specific series) and the Miró museum worth visiting due to the nice collection and relaxing building it's housed in. I was somewhat let down by the fashion in Barcelona but found the best perfume boutique I’ve ever been in. The perfumery specializes in rare perfumes and has a heady, well-displayed selection with attentive sales associates. I splurged on an Italian perfume that turns me on each time I wear it. Meanwhile, the kink scene in Barcelona is alive and fun! I didn’t find any fetish stores but enjoyed playing with Spanish men. Surprisingly, I was sick of the food after four days.

London is a city that I grow fonder of with each visit. I have a dear friend in the kink scene and we paint the town in dripping decadence every time we are together. This trip I achieved kink milestones by meeting the legendary illustrator Sardax and visiting two dungeons I had not been to on previous trips: London Dungeon Hire and Better Than a Bed. I played with new kinksters, purchased amazing latex, and ordered a custom pair of crotch-high boots (which unfortunately are still in production despite the quote of two months).

What many of you may remember most about my Europe trip is the Lufthansa Leather Tragedy, when the airline lost my luggage, which contained over $6,000 of my favorite fetish gear. The story ended happily ever after: I got my luggage back after 36 days apart. Once reunited, our bond is closer than ever. I polish my leathers while thinking about their days stranded overseas. I now give them the love and appreciation they deserve. Thanks to everyone who helped out while the luggage was missing; I will always remember your concern and good will.

Tokyo, Japan – October: Japan was always a dream for me and I had the privilege of traveling there this year. I stayed at the Park Hyatt and that hotel is Dominant! Due to a typhoon, I was forced to spend over 24 hours inside and when I finally emerged I understood the movie 'Lost In Translation' perfectly. Each non-typhoon day I wore at least one piece of fetish wear on the streets because the style in Tokyo is theatrical, playful, young, and free! Young girls would gasp when I walked by, excited to see a Westerner dressed in black rubber, turquoise PVC, and a leather military cap. While flaunting my flamboyance I met a French photographer who desired to document my adventures paparazzi style. Of course I said yes! At night, I enjoyed walking the streets of Ginza and observing the high-end prostitutes. They are so well dressed and elegantly manicured, with gliding movements like snakes in water. I made many connections in Tokyo and must go back. Japan is not a place to see only once. May the travel Gods shine light on my mission to see more of that country. 

Baltimore, Maryland – October: An alert for a rare event in Baltimore made me schedule this trip as I sat by the Park Hyatt pool in Tokyo. I put an ad on Fetlife for a slave and tweeted my need. After sorting through a few good applications, I settled on a slave I had met once and who has always been polite and pleasant on social media and in email. We had a wonderful time in Baltimore. It was my first time in that city and the slave warned me of the rough streets and high crime rate. He did a wonderful job keeping me safe and entertained as we visited all of my destinations, from John Waters’s favorite dive bars to the grave of Divine to the trashy vintage stores. In less than twenty-four hours I saw everything on my Baltimore list! It was a successful test drive of the slave, while visiting a city I’d always wanted to see. The night event was unforgettable and Baltimore ended with strap-on play and full leather. What fun!

Beacon, New York – December: While en route to NYC after the magical time in Baltimore, I received a sincere email from a long time follower on Fetlife. The correspondence led to a friendship and I soon found myself visiting this person in Beacon, NY. I enjoyed taking a weekend away from my diet and indulging in 1950s diners with views of the freeway. Fashion was not lacking - Beacon has moderately priced vintage stores and I am still pulsating over the fringe leather jacket I scored. Christmas carolers sang as we drove through town, and I picked out local spots I'd like to visit and/or take photographs at. I was shown historical sights and imagined George Washington chasing Benedict Arnold down the hill on which I stood. Most importantly, I enjoyed the company of my host and had an opportunity to indulge our kinks at a party in Connecticut. I hope to return to Beacon very soon.

 I feel very blessed to have had these adventures. May 2015 be just as good.