Health and Beauty Tips for Air Travel / by Mistress Adrienne

Hello slaves and fellow Dominants! Maintaining health and beauty while flying can be a challenge. I'm here to offer personal tips on how to arrive at your destination looking good and feeling gorgeous. I will be sharing rituals for flights longer than five hours, although the same formula can be applied to shorter flights, making adjustments if necessary.

Fashion: I recommend boarding the plane in an eye-catching look. At this point you are at maximum strength and can put up with slight discomforts from snug suits, high heels, big hats, and what not. Your flight attendant will be sure to remember you, which will come in handy. I recommend wearing this outfit during the first meal and and potentially for a small time after, depending on your level of tiredness. Before getting too sleepy change into sleepwear and conduct the beauty routine detailed below. Do not rely on the airline's pyjamas! They are often blended materials fit to one size. I do not want to see bellies stretching out blended cotton, nor is it proper for a Goddess like myself to be lost in an oversized outfit that has no potential for draping or styling. I suggest silk sleepwear - it breathes nicely, adjusts to your body temperature, and can be hand washed at the hotel by a slave. Leave this outfit on for the bulk of the trip. About ninety minutes before arrival change into a comfortably stylish look  - men can do a casual suit, no tie, and sunglasses. For me, I like flared jeans, motorcycle jacket, dark sunglasses, and strong lipstick. Take care that some countries will take your picture in customs. Be prepared for that situation and look cool!

Beauty - do not rely on first class complimentary beauty products as this is not the time to play product roulette. Bring small containers of body lotion, night cream, toner, cotton rounds, and vitamin infused face serum. Use them repeatedly during the flight, with your most intensive treatment after dinner when you change into silk pyjamas. If you are extra glamorous, bring a face mask of your choice and give yourself a full facial before changing into your arrival outfit. Slaves don't zone out! You can benefit from skin care! No dull faces or grey skin allowed on arrival! Men - go to Kiehls and ask for samples of their richest moisturizers and buy a travel sized toner. Use throughout the flight.

Health - I highly recommend either a colonic (a few days before your flight) or a double enema (the morning of travel). Slaves, this is perfect! You can see your mistress, maybe get fucked in the ass, AND be healthy! A clean colon is better equipped to manage your changes in diet. You will look and feel lighter. And since the body has less waste to process, it can focus on fighting germs in the recycled air. I also suggest buying a liquid immune booster, like Woodstock's Super Immune Formula to add to your water while flying the skies.

Stay hydrated. Always keep an extra water bottle available in case flight attendants are busy. I like to hide my complimentary bottle before the plane takes off, ensuring a second bottle from the get-go. Drink more than you think you need. Especially if you partake in alcohol or caffeine.

Practice gratitude, meditation, and/or prayer. At some point in your long flight you will start to zombie out, get frustrated, bored, etc. This is when you take a moment and acknowledge the good in your life. A slave should make a list of all the wonderful qualities of his Mistress and ways he can serve her. Do not leave out this step in your flight. Beauty and health go beyond the body, products, and style. Follow all my tips and you are sure to start your travels glowing from the inside and out.