Birthday Boots / by Mistress Adrienne

Happy New Year, fellow fetishists, admirers, and comrades! I hope everyone contemplated and put faith into their highest aspirations for 2015. I am committed to the beautiful path I've envisioned and now I'm ready to consider worldly desires for my birthday!  On January 22, in the year Timeless, my spirit took bodily form and we should celebrate the corporeal by dressing it up in fetish and luxury!

Of course I would be licking my lips if I received any of the Wolford or Tom Ford items on my Amazon wish list. However, in this blog post I'd like to address my desire for shoes and boots, get your opinions on which ones I should select, and perhaps inspire some of you to help fund this birthday present!

As many of you know, I've planned two weeks in Europe to celebrate my birthday. While in the UK, I want to visit the exquisite boot and shoe makers, Fabulously Fetish. The crotch high leather boots I ordered in July will be waiting for me and I'm ready to place another order (as well as give them a good talking-to about efficiency). I'm not happy with their production time but let's face it, they are the best fetish footwear company in the world. Sometimes even Mistresses have to practice patience and bow down to the masters.

Boot Option #1, The Camilla A full latex boot, from thigh to heel. Rubber molded over a court shoe to give a sleek line and ferocious shape at the foot. I do have a pair of thigh high rubber boots but they are an entirely different shape. Most importantly, I got them as a birthday gift in 2010 and they are begging for a sister pair since latex does not last forever. The Camilla is the perfect choice to carry on the legacy of my beautiful legs, wrapped in latex.

Boot Option #2, The Antoinette Patent leather with gold appliqu├ęs, front and back lacing. I love these boots for the triumph in attitude it takes to wear them. I believe I could source some wildly expressive moods with these on my body. Picky with prints and suspicious of styles that veer from classic, I highly approve of the pattern, color, and design of these boots. They are over the top in a way that makes me want to toast the designer as he rests beneath this boot's heel. I'm into it! 

Boot Option #3, The Regina These thigh-high black leather lace-up boots transport me to a scene straight from a Sardax illustration filled with whipping and servitude. I love that these boots are so classic they could be from the early days of hand crafted fetish wear. Although I have other pairs of thigh high leather boots, I do not own any thigh high lace ups. Leather of course being a fetish of mine, I do not see these boots as excessive in my collection. They make me more strict just looking at them. 

Boot Option #4, Ralph Lauren EDIT- THESE BOOTS WERE ORDERED ON JANUARY 8TH! THANK YOU TO MY OHIO SLAVE WHO HELPED OUT! Thigh high leather boots for daytime chic. I like that these are over the knee and have equestrian details. I love the sophistication and subtlety of Ralph Lauren's designs and know his quality is top. These boots are currently 70% off and probably won't be around much longer. I know I would get good use out of these on days when I'm dressed up but not in full fetish, just hints of fetish. Good for walking down the boulevard, visiting museums, and such. Inspires aristocratic mood.  Size 38.

Bonus! A shoe option!

Shoe Option #1: The Delilah This picture is from my trip to Fabulously Fetish in July. I adore these red patent stilettos! Unfortunately, this particular pair was a half size too small. I'd love to have these in my proper size. Red is my favorite color and the shape is perfect. These would be in addition to a pair of boots. It just doesn't feel Adrienne-like to celebrate the birthday without boots, even if these shoes are hot tamales. But for all you shoe fetishists out there I'm not opposed to getting these as an add-on!

There you have it, my New Year friends, slaves, and fetishists. I'd love to hear your thoughts on which style you think I should get. Feel free to leave comments on this blog, on Twitter, or send via email. 

Fabulously Fetish does offer gift cards. I did not give sizes for the Fabulously Fetish items because they are custom made. The company has my measurements. 

May the best boot touch my body and influence my behavior!