Personal Servitude, Review by a slave / by Mistress Adrienne

Dear Miss Adrienne,
Thank you for giving me the privilege and honor of serving you as your personal slave today. I've only admired you from behind the screen and your extraordinary photos on social media and am so glad I finally got to see you in person and be your slave today.
I have been around/played with/sessioned with many a Mistress in the past over the years, I have to say this was one of the best times. You espoused a different level of servitude in me that I could not say no to anything you said. Even though I'm very shy in public and have never served outdoors, your elegance made it so natural. I loved your demeanor, the way you had me kiss your boot, the way you gestured me to sit at your feet in the park, the way you had me carry around your possessions and just about everything. You're a natural Dominant and with such class and style. While you were strict, you were also very respectful and asked politely before making me do anything since you didn't know me well and this was our first time. That showed your level of experience and that you were a true Dominant Mistress who also takes care of her slaves.
And then came the big surprises. I came with no expectation of any play as I never do so when serving as a personal slave. But when you said you were going to loan me to your friend to beat up inside the mansion or make me your little piss drinking slut around the corner my heart raced suddenly. Had it been anyone else I'd have flatly refused saying NO since it was public, but given it was you Miss Adrienne, I could only say Yes Mistress and am so glad I did. I could not believe in minutes I was under you in a less crowded part of the park, staring at your lovely pussy waiting for your champagne. And champagne you did deliver of the finest quality. It was such a natural, non salty flavor than the piss I'm used to and I savored every drop of it never wanting it to stop. You are such a generous Mistress and shall always be grateful for your warmth and kindness.
At this point I had gone so deeper into subspace I'd have not said no to anything. So when you said lick my boots in public I couldn't care less who was watching and slurped on the lovely leather boots you rocked today. I never do anything remotely submissive in public and here I was licking your boot like a greedy little pig. It did't matter who looked as I was serving the most beautiful woman in the park. If anything the onlookers could be jealous.
I'm so glad you also made me come to my first pride rally. I've always cheered LGBT folks but never came out to attend an pride rally as such because I'm a very shy person normally. But I loved being in the middle of such non judgmental and fun people. I was super thrilled when you introduced me to your hot Drag Queen friend(s) and the beautiful Miss Poison who is anything but poison. Miss Poison was very beautiful and cheerful and was so happy to know she liked the flowers you had me pick for her at the last minute.
I'm also glad you loved the flowers I got for you as well as your friends. I can't wait to see you rock the Tom Ford nail polish.
As all good things have to come to an end, it did. But you gave me a lovely parting gift by spitting into my mouth the taste of which still lingers in my mouth. And for that I thank you again for that Mistress.
I'm thankful my chastity cage kept me from getting an erection embarrassing both you and me. But I did struggle inside it the whole time as such was the effect you had on me. My only regret is not having mentioned I was wearing the cage and handing over the keep at the beginning :(

I can't thank you enough for the great time I had serving you today and look forward to many more such times Mistress. I'd be even happier if you posted this on your journal for all the other fellow slaves to know what a great Mistress you truly are!

Yours submissively,