Boston Trip for Leather Decadence / by Mistress Adrienne

Hello, fellow fetishists. Can you smell, feel, and taste the leather emanating from the majority of my pictures and posts? I swim in intoxication whenever I see a gorgeous leather item on someone I find attractive, and manage to turn myself on with my own content! That is why I've decided to visit Boston. I have a leather opportunity far exceeding any I've had in my lifetime.

I'd like to first stress my never-ending fetish for leather clothing. It is a passion that I indulged starting at age of eight, and one which can still inspire a new fantasy! As time goes by I find that I am increasingly stimulated by the power I feel around leather, the respect I give its properties, and the mysterious ways in which it stimulates me sexually. There is something physical and even spiritual that leather provokes deep within and it is no coincidence that this opportunity in Boston has come my way.

I have been offered an impressive collection of designer leather fashions to photograph, and potentially buy. Items range from a floor-length red leather coat by Claude Montana (a favorite designer of mine), a metallic leather Burberry trench, a black leather catsuit straight from Germany, and, my favorite of the lot, a Tom Ford for Gucci black leather top fit for an aristocrat. And much, much more! I plan to spend three days in Boston photographing and wearing all of these leathers. As usual, I will seek interesting locations and skilled photographers, while putting my entire spirit into each moment.

I asked one of my photographers to put together a Go Fund Me page because I cannot fathom doing this trip without aid. I will need two nights in a nice hotel (for a backdrop suitable for leathers), as well as funds for buying a few of the leather items. I am not a person who likes excess and I will not be raising funds simply to shop. I know for a fact that I NEED to own the Tom Ford leather shirt, as well the black catsuit. These are must-have Adrienne items. 

To make this fundraiser meaningful and fun I've created an exciting rewards system. First of all, many of you are not only aware of my prolific portfolio of fetish photography, but are also keen to notice that I don't publish full sets from my photoshoots. As part of the rewards for those who donate $50, access will be given to the bulk of images from the many shoots I will be doing on the trip. As well, I will be shooting short videos in each leather outfit. You will be able to see the way each outfit affects my movement and aura, while hearing the sounds it makes as I move. Those who enjoy a personal look into my thoughts will enjoy the journal I will write while in Boston, included in the reward.

Those desiring to own a piece of My scent mixed with My leather cannot pass up a chance to own an autographed piece of leather from a favorite pair of pants. I decided to sacrifice one pair if it can help fund this indulgent leather opportunity.

Seeing me in the flesh in full leather and discussing our fetishes over a luxurious meal would create memories and fantasies of a lifetime. Only two of these "leather lunches" are available.

I want to let my followers know the passion and desire I have to make this Boston trip a reality. As well, rest assured that the fund page is legit and funds are going toward my project.

I thank all who are supportive of this goal, both in spirit and in monetary participation. I can't wait to harvest the leather fruit this tree has to offer!