Where I Travel Upon This Earth / by Mistress Adrienne

 Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

I am often asked why I choose the places I visit. In this blog, glean insight into my wandering ways and provoke excitement for locations that have potential.

First off, most sluts and fetishists are in a tizzy as to why I chose a small island off India over a kink-filled city. Sri Lanka was once known as Jewel Island for the amount of precious stones sourced locally, and a dear friend not only dangled the prospect of good deals on jewels but also informed me that tailoring in Sri Lanka is quite inexpensive. This is a relevant point: I travel to places with good fashion. As many of you know, I returned from Sri Lanka with six custom suits and a gorgeous jeweled necklace, styles that were lacking in my wardrobe. The fashion element was a huge selling point for Sri Lanka, but the second reason is important as well: I travel to be near my closest friends and family. I went to Sri Lanka with two of my best friends from London and got to know a posse of posh English bridge players who joined our group. My friend is originally from Sri Lanka, very well connected, and happens to be the most stylish man I know. I felt seeing this land with his experience and flair for beauty was an opportunity I should not pass up. And that was true. I had a rich vacation exploring new worlds and deepening relationships.

Many of you ask if I search for cities with a good BDSM scene. The quick answer is no. This is never a primary reason for my destinations. Mainly because I have a very active DS lifestyle, which is stimulated daily no matter where I travel. As well, I believe there are players everywhere and it's fun when I go somewhere like Columbus, Ohio, which does not get a lot of NYC Pro Dommes, but has good kinksters who are highly appreciative of my travel to their homeland. Now, having a good kink scene will certainly elevate the chances I will choose one city over another. I love to visit dungeons, meet mistresses, and torture men all over the world! And so alas, Discovering a new kink scene is incentive to travel.

A powerful way to stir my wandering feet is to have an interest in the history of a certain place. I'm not one for world history or politics. But if a place was once home to a favorite author, filming locations of a favorite movie, or, like Paris, drips in fashion history, then I want to travel there. Historic coolness inspires me to travel.

I have intrinsic fascinations with parts of the world, which provoke me to see if the reality meets the myth. The American South holds an astral-like mystery, with wild living. Europe connects me to a long-ago spirit within. Morocco calls with saturated colors. I find some destinations more romantic than others. It is personal. Do not be offended if your location does not stir this fancy.

Now, sometimes opportunities arise and I end up in places I would not choose without an alluring green light. Boston, for instance, is not very far from NYC. I had never visited and had no desire to. But when I heard about the leather vault and an opportunity to photograph it all, I was ready to get on the train and see what 'ole Boston had to offer. A promising experience will persuade me to travel.

I should also note that photogenic locations rank high on my list. However, I find beauty everywhere, so I don't need to plan a trip around photography. Rather, I mull over destinations that have piqued my interest and begin to imagine the pictures. 

Of course, mood, time, and money all come into play if I am to travel. If you want to see me in your city, look at my reasons and see if there's something your town can offer me. I leave you with a list of my current travel fantasies. A lover of exploration and new experiences, I could truly put the entire world on my list and not feel it was a lie. Here is an immediate, honest, and compact list:

New Orleans (planning a trip this fall!)                                                                                                               
Dallas (would love to session with Tracy Dallas and TS Mistress Mia)

Memphis (must see Graceland once in my lifetime)

Denver (I have friends here + can explore the nature, health, and pot scenes)

All places in Europe (Europe is an obvious choice for me and I will plan a trip soon. I love Europe.)

Mexico City (curious about the city, the art, the vibe, the food)

Marrakesh (I've been wanting to go here for a long time)

Los Angeles (I have a Chateau Marmont fantasy and many other LA fantasies. Might do a fundraiser next year to make this happen!)

Japan (loved my trip to Tokyo, want to see more)

Key West (literary reasons + interested in the style)

 South of France

South of France