Back on the Blog / by Mistress Adrienne

Hello kink fans and friends. Last fall I was ready to write you on a weekly basis. I started a separate address and gathered subjects I wanted to discuss. A couple months later and the blog shut it's mouth, remaining mostly silent until now. What happened?

I found myself in a personal DS relationship, with complications, uncertainties, and a need for privacy. Everything I wanted to discuss in my posts related somehow to what was going on in my personal life and I did not feel it was fair or beneficial to air it out in public. 

2016 marks my 10th year as a Pro Domme and I'd love to share more of my life with you. I am no longer consumed by the former relationship and am ready to discuss a wide array of topics - bdsm related or not. I'd love to hear your questions, interests, and suggestions.

As well, I'm returning the blog to this location. The quick death of the other leaves a bad taste though I will leave it for posterity.

It feels good to be back.