Financial Domination / by Mistress Adrienne

Financial domination has been absent from my advertised list of play, but the time has come for me to express my interest in this type of humiliation and power exchange. As of November 2015, it will be added to my website.

Financial domination is a touchy subject amongst many subs and slaves looking for a Domme. Some men are uncomfortable paying for a service they wish could be found in romantic relationships. When such a submissive realizes he needs a professional dominatrix to nourish his kink, it can be a major turn off to think the Mistress wants to rape the wallet as well as the ass. Although I'm a firm believer that submissives should pay for a Dominant's time and energy, financial domination is another realm. I previously left it off my list of activities so that sensitive slaves would feel safe. As well, I knew that men who were into being used financially would recognize my lavish ways and be in touch. And they have. But without public vocalization on my end, I started to wonder if I'm missing out on more fun and games.

The time has come and I am ready. Having clear desires and boundaries makes me feel comfortable advertising this type of intense play. Being vocal about what I want has always been successful for finding like-minded players. And of course, knowing limits makes the screening process efficient. Slaves turned off by financial domination should read my web page thoroughly and understand that I'm a Mistress with many interests and do not need to indulge all of my likes with each player.

First let me cover the elements I don't want to encounter. I must stress that I do not deal with negativity or self-destruction. If you want a Dominant to force you to go broke or live in full-time blackmail paranoia, then we will not make a good match. I am very willing to go there verbally, but in real time, outside of play, I refuse to participate in chaos and manipulation. I find it very draining when I'm concerned about the well-being of my slave after he's left my presence. At that point, financial domination feels like minimum wage. I know the fantasy may be that I care nothing for the slave, but I consider responsibility a huge part of my profession.

I will not give out my bank account information and have no interest in bank deposits. I'm a private person and I like cold hard cash.

I do not desire a contract with someone I barely know. A contract is serious business and takes a lot of effort and care on my end. I will not entertain introductory emails suggesting contracts.

I do not encourage heavy guilt or regret. Players should not contact me for financial domination if they are not ready to spend. I can discuss limits, but that must take place before the play. Once the game is on, it's on and I'm in charge. If you have reservations, be sure to mention them when we have a consultation.

I'm not too interested in online play. I like to hear and feel a submissive's weakness. Phone sessions are fun and of course in-person play is preferred. Exception may be given for well-written emails on a disciplined schedule.

What I enjoy is flaunting my power, and financial domination is a very clear and cruel way of demonstrating my dominance. I love when men express their desire to watch me live the high life while they slave away to support my luxurious lifestyle. I relish seeing men on their knees with wads of cash dispensing from their mouth. I get off at the ATM when the pig is quivering from my presence and knows I have the ability to ask for whatever I want and they will give it. Let's face it, money is powerful and so am I.

I am turned on by public play, and financial domination works very well in the outside world. I certainly do not mind when a sales associate catches on to the dynamic, and I often use my pigs even more when others are watching.

As many of you know, humiliation is a form of play in which I can go very deep. When I play with financial domination I get in touch with the spark that takes me into a totally wicked role, the Humiliatrix. The highs and lows can be quite heavy and I find that fascinating and fun.

Anyone contacting me for this type of play should mention that you've read this post and agree to my likes and dislikes. As usual, let me know your experience, interests, and limits.

Reminder to slaves not into this type of play, it's not mandatory!

Let the good times roll.