Q&A Summer 2016 / by Mistress Adrienne

The following interview is composed of questions from my followers and slaves. 

Q: How long have you been a Mistress and what got you started?

A: I have been a Mistress for ten years. Becoming part of the scene was not only something I wanted to do, it was something I knew I would do. Fetish and Femdom were inside of me, boiling. However, I was unaware of the pro side and its possibilities for genuine experience. In my mind the BDSM world was a thriving lifestyle scene for those in the know. I imagined the majority of players knew each other and met often in kinky locations. After a depressing search for the lifestyle scene at sex stores and parties and in the Village Voice, I turned to Craigslist. I found an advertisement hiring dominatrices at the Dungeons of Mistress Elizabeth's. I applied and the rest is history. 

Q: What makes a good slave?

A: Humility, patience, selflessness. Faith and trust in his/her Mistress. Eager to meet all demands, even ones that may be challenging or unappealing to the slave. Communication skills. Honesty. A presentable appearance and good behavior in public. Ability to understand and accept his/her failures coupled with the desire and skills to correct them. A positive outlook on life.

Q: What makes a good fan, someone who is not directly involved in the scene but is a fan of it and enjoys watching?

A: A good fan is engaging on social media without being repetitive, generic, or overly chatty. Fans support projects that the Mistress may be working on and find ways to help her live the best life possible. Fans report uncredited images. Fans promote. They collect information and images featuring their favorite Mistress. Fans celebrate her existence without needing anything in return.

Q: Have you ever thought of filming your sessions to allow others to watch?

A: No. Playing for the camera and playing for the session are separate to me. If there was a camera in the room, my focus would be less on the psychic exchanges between players and more on the visual result. I would be thinking about angles, lighting, dialogue, and drama for the sake of content. I am an entertainer and an artist and I take film seriously as a medium of expression. The actual session between two or a few spirits would inevitably change and no longer be a real representation, it would be a presentation. Intimacy is sacrificed when filmed for the public. I cannot fathom a reason I would want to do this unless I was working on a creative project.

Which may happen. I am currently in talks with a filmmaker who wants to make an hour-long documentary about me. If I commit, I will want footage of myself in session. I'm thinking over the types of scenes and players that I'm open to filming. If you have sessioned with me before and feel you may be a good candidate, be in touch. First round of filming is probably going to be in late Fall in NYC. A second filming may take place early in the New Year, perhaps in a different city. 

Q: Have you ever contemplated any kind of surgical enhancements? I'm always curious how women regard this topic.

A: I have not contemplated surgical enhancements. I love the way I look!  I always imagined a Mistress to be a natural Goddess with strong features and the confidence to own a distinctive look. I do my best to be the Mistress of my imagination.

Q: Are you a fan of any other Mistresses ?

A: Yes, of course! I admire Mistresses who have been in the industry longer than I have. Mistresses who express intellectual and/or cultural interests. Mistresses with fabulous wardrobes. Mistresses with specific interests and limits. And of course, Mistresses who are strict.

Q: Are there any Mistresses you would like to work with ?

A: I'd like to work with Fetish Liza. I met her briefly in NYC in 2015. I was intrigued by her demeanor and wardrobe. I like her smile. I feel we would complement each other nicely. It would, of course, be a high-fetish-fashion scene, and that excites me.

Q: Do you mentor?

A: No, although I'm not opposed to doing so. It would have to be a good fit.

Q: When did your fetish for leather start?

A: I began wearing leather at age eight. I begged and begged for a leather jacket and boots and eventually acquired those items as well as a leather bikers cap, from Wilsons Leather! My parents respected leather as quality. 

Q: What is your favorite Doors song?

A: It is painful to limit myself to one Doors song but I can confidently say that my favorite album is 'LA Woman'.

Q: Do you prefere champagne or sangria?

A: I prefer champagne! But in session I prefer bottled water or tea. Always ask before bringing a beverage.