Leather Dominant Interview / by Mistress Adrienne

 Photo by Herbert Ashcherman, film

Photo by Herbert Ashcherman, film

The following questions were submitted by Dommes, fans, and slaves via social media.

Q: Do you normally find that someone with a leather fetish also has a boot fetish?

A: Yes. Boots complete the hard-core look. As well, boots offer more leather to be worshipped than a pump or sandal does.

Q: Do you get a lot of men contacting you through email requesting to be your personal slave or trying to get you to give them a cheap thrill?

A: Not too often. It's clear on my web page that I'm a serious Domme. No-nonsense. Plenty of good slaves in my stable. When I am in need of personal slaves, I advertise on social media.

Q: Do you find clients start out with a leather fetish and then progress to more or eventually become slaves?

A: Quite often an interest in leather will bring a man to me, and I will encourage him to experiment under my lead. It always works in my favor. My presence is deep and large, and my leathers are exquisite.

Q: What's the difference between fetishists and slaves?

A: Slaves are willing and ready to submit at any time. A fetishist may not be able to access his submission if the fetish is not involved.

Q: Will you be going to Europe again anytime soon? If so, will you be meeting with Fetish Liza  while there?

A: Yes! A photoshoot with Fetish Liza is on my 2017 list of goals. I plan to spend a lot of time in Europe this year but not until summer and fall.

Q: Which celebrities do you think look good in leather or may have a bit of a leather fetish?

A: One of my favorites is Brigitte Bardot in the late 60s and the 70s. She wore elegant, hip leathers, and I can tell that she became more demanding when she wore them. There is a pair of thigh-high boots she wore all the time that I like very much.

Q: Do you think you capture men's (or women's) attention more when you are wearing leather than when you're wearing non-leather apparel?

A: Believe it or not, no. The attention I get when I'm without makeup, in non-leather clothing, has been a universal confirmation that my power and style come from within. However, I do get recognized as Mistress Adrienne more often when I'm in leather.

Q: Can you pick the closet leather fetishists out pretty easily when you wear leather someplace where it isn't usually worn?

A: I can, but I try not to assume. For instance, sometimes I feel a man gives me a nod of approval out of a shared love for rebellion. As well, when I'm dressed in full leather, quite often I simply shock men on the street; by the time I'm gone, they don't even know what hit them. I'm 10,000 steps ahead of their new fetish for leather.

Q: What has being a dominatrix in NYC taught you about life, people, etc.?

A: More than teaching me about people or life, it taught me about myself. This profession was necessary for me to understand myself fully. To elaborate further would require a book-length interview!

Q: Given the love you clearly have for leather and value of investment, do you feel conflicted about using/wearing your leather in a session where there is a higher potential for damage?

A: Yes. I have dungeon leathers and I have designer leathers. The designer leathers are best worn in public or luxury hotels. I rarely take them into a dungeon. Dungeon leathers are not cheap! They are simply less expensive and easier to clean. I believe my leathers are living objects: The dungeon leathers love to go to session, while the fashion leathers adore taunting in public. They can both cross over, but the expensive stretch leathers and skins (especially in colors) start to whine and cry in a dungeon, where there may be smoke and lube present. Forget about suedes, the prissiest of the bunch.

Q: You have one of the finest leather wardrobes one could hope to see. Just how much time and effort has to go into this?

A: A lot! I sacrifice necessities for expensive clothing. I've been this way all my life. I remember the days when I would be in my apartment in winter shivering in an Azzedine Alaïa coat and my friends would be shaking their heads. Thankfully I'm at a point in life where my slaves take care of my fashion needs so I can spend money on boring stuff like heat, but it still is and always will be a hustle and a search for the best. That's part of the fun, finding and acquiring. Big thanks to all my boys that support my leather addiction!

Q: Are you bisexual?

A: I believe everyone is to some extent.

Q: What is your opinion of vegans?

A: If they are not too militant, I think they are doing well for themselves and the environment. I lived one year as a vegan and I still prefer to eat that way about 60 percent of the time. It's very clean. And I like cleanliness.

Q: Is the pro-Domme lifestyle something you would recommend?

 A: Depends on the person. As one of my kink friends once told me, "You put the 'pro' in pro Domme." I make it look easy but that's part of the illusion. Being a pro Domme is a lot of work and requires skill and dedication beyond looking good and throwing a whip. Most people are lacking in one or more of the following: organization, promotion, scheduling, discipline, self-awareness. Before becoming a pro Domme, ask yourself, "Am I capable of running my own business?" If the answer is no, I'd suggest applying at a house dungeon or being a lifestyle Domme - they have their rewards as well!

 Q: You have clearly invested time, money, and effort in your online presence.  Is this an investment you're happy with?

 A: Yes. In fact, this has been one of my favorite aspects of my journey. It is a way to express myself and connect with people beyond the dungeon. I consider myself an artist first and foremost and my audience is online.

 Q: Where do you see the future of the fetish/BDSM industry heading, what with the explosion of online findoms (and so-called findoms)?  Do you think that growth has damaged the image of dominant women in general?

A: I shudder to think of where the industry is heading, because I feel the intellectualism, authenticity, and avant-garde style I associate with BDSM is no longer the norm. BDSM is becoming more like porn. When I see clips of "Dommes" squealing and moaning while they caress a man's balls with their feet, I feel it is very crude. And because it is popular, it defines BDSM for the younger generation. Same with findom. Perhaps the problem is larger than our industry, is our society not celebrating strong women? The women we celebrate are playing to the pleasures of the average man. The majority of women seeking approval want to look like fembots and blow-up dolls. I believe a dominant woman is intelligent, well dressed, independent, and real. This is not the era of the truly dominant woman. This too shall pass.

 Q: What are your dreams for 2017?

 A: To start work on the book I've always dreamed of assembling. A combination of images and words about my journey in life.