What I desire most is to have fun and make a connection. It takes two to achieve this goal, so do your part and make sure we are compatible by reading My session interests.

My demeanor in session ranges from strict and cruel, to casual and sensual. I can be both intimidating and down to earth. It really depends on how I react to your presence, the type of session, and My mood. 

Sessions I Enjoy:

Slut Training - Do you remember when I had an entire gallery of strap-on photos on My webpage? Due to discretion, the photos have mostly moved to Only Fans, but the pleasure I take in pegging is as strong as ever. I have a nice assortment of cocks, and they suit Me so well, sluts often remark at the naturalness with which I wear them. I get-off on the way a nice sized cock looks on My body, and I enjoy pushing the limits of size, although I am cautious not to cause extreme pain in this type of play. I used to be a size-queen but over the years I’ve softened in this demand and am willing to work exclusively with smaller sizes if the slut is unstretchable. I demand that My sluts are clean and shaved, and enemas are often part of the session. 

Slave Training - I like men to serve Me and in order to do that properly, they need to be trained. Behavior, comportment, devotion, and worth will be evaluated and corrected. You will learn all of My rules and commit to a regular schedule of training. Corporal punishment and heavy bondage will be used when necessary. No slave will become complacent. You must be a committed slave who is confident and trusting in My program, and willing to sacrifice what I demand. If you find this type of session hot, but are not serious about training, try the BDSM sampler with a Mistress/slave role-play. Proper slave training is conscious, ritualistic, and goes beyond the session. 

Fetish Session - I am known for having the best leather wardrobe in all of Femdom. Leather is My lifestyle and I wear it everyday. I am especially fond of leather gloves, boots, pants, catsuits, corsets, and long coats. If you are interested in a leather session, keep in mind that designer items are reserved for public meetings and hotel sessions with select clientele. 

My latex collection is exclusivly black latex. I have catsuits, jackets, skirts, corsets, jodhpurs, and gloves to play with. You may see Me modeling other colors of latex but I usually sell these items after wearing them once. If you like colored latex, we can discuss an order. I’ve chosen to reduce My rubber wardrobe to black because it shines the best, looks the best, and amplifies Dominance more than any color. With such a large leather wardrobe, I had to trim the fat somewhere and colored latex got the chop, just like I would dismiss an average slave if the stable were full. 

Nylons and pantyhose compliment my femininity and dancer’s body. I wear both black and nude nylons, as well as black fishnet pantyhose. I love the way sheer stockings accentuate my sculpted legs, a fine layer of nylon separating my skin from yours. It inspires teasing to the point of cruelty, trampling, ball kicking, and simply being admired and worshipped.

Although I prefer boots to shoes, I have an extensive collection of high heel shoes and always enjoy wearing them. Pointy-toe pumps are my favorite alongside platform peep-toe, usually black Louboutin.

 BDSM Sampler - This session is an excellent option for the client that does not want to commit to full slave/slut training, but is eager to explore various aspects of BDSM. Do not be ashamed to ask for this session, it is very common, and I enjoy it as well. Not all submissives need to be slaves, the bdsm sampler appeals to both novices and experienced players. I’m thrilled to tie a man up, torture his cock, tease his nipples, and not consider him anything beyond a toy I have for a couple hours. You will call Me Mistress, and I may even call you slave, but it is agreed upon that this is a session with no strings attached. Be aware that you will be submissive the entire session. The BDSM sampler is not an excuse for poor conduct in My presence.

Forced Feminization - Transformation is a powerful aphrodisiac. I’ve always been attracted to men in makeup and feminine clothing, and I delight in making you My girlfriend and sissy. Light crossdressing to full-femme is available, although ideally a sissy will invest in her own clothing if interested in the best fit. Secrets in Lace is an excellent website for sissies craving the thrill of silky lingerie and sheer nylons. For the sluttier sissy, I suggest crotch-less fishnet or lace bodystockings from Leg Avenue, which can be found on Amazon or in sex shops. Are you getting turned on thinking of Me dressing you up and making you My girlfriend? Me too. Be sure to book at least two hours if you want a full make-over. 

Shopping & Pampering - It’s been said that everyone should experience shopping with Me once in a lifetime. If you can afford a pampering session, you will experience a sense of old world glamour and decadence rarely lived in the modern age. With My unique style and incredible knowledge of fashion, I take pleasure in being ultra-selective. Trying on boots, shoes, and leather while discussing the way they make Me feel and observing the way they accent my body is very erotic. This type of session is typically part of a longer play-date and requires the budget for luxury brands. Slaves that want to pamper Me but cannot afford a shopping session may send an Amazon gift card of any amount and/or bring roses to a session. I appreciate the effort and the sentiment. 

Role-Play - If you are good at acting, then I am ready to role-play with you. Do not propose this session if you are a quiet sub. Some of My favorite roles have been New York police officer, bored wife next door, Hollywood casting director, and sex therapist. The only role I won’t play is one in which I start out as the lesser-power, ie a secretary that takes over the boss.

Meet and Greet - Want to meet for conversation and public leather? Schedule a meet and greet. I choose the location, which may range from a graffiti-filled dive bar to an opulent lounge inside a luxury hotel. Watch Me command the room as I walk in wearing head-to-toe designer leather and experience the thrill of knowing that you are the one with whom I’m coming to sit. A successful meet-and-greet will build anticipation for future play while strengthening trust and developing our dynamic. This is not a meeting to get drunk nor should you expect public play. Think of this meeting as public foreplay through intellectual conversation, energetic exchange, and of course, the pride of being seen with a beautiful Domina dressed in leather.  

Session availability and limits:

If you do not see your session listed above, you may email a polite request. Be aware that I do not engage in race play, infantilism, tickling, brown showers, wrestling, blackmail, or heavy degradation. I do not allow licking of My bare skin, nor do I offer nudity, or any traditional sex services. I do not offer online domination. 

I am willing to play with novices, couples, and other Dommes. 

My availability is from 10am until 9pm. No overnight sessions. Appointments must be made at least one day in advance for regulars, and a few days in advance if you are a new client as it takes time to complete the screening process. I accept sessions lasting from one hour to four hours. New clients may be denied sessions longer than two hours as I prefer a ‘get to know you’ session before committing to longer play. If you are interested in spending more time with Me, schedule a session and meet-and-greet.

Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance or you will be held responsible for a cancellation fee of 40% your total session tribute. 

I do not travel with clients unless a long-term relationship has been established. If you see I am traveling to your city, feel free to reach out for a session, but keep in mind that I am not a traveling Domme, and only take sessions while traveling if I have extra time and your application is extraordinary.