Both a lifestyle and professional player, I flourish while analyzing, pushing, and exploiting your weaknesses. Turned on by psychological dominance, my erotic power play can be realized in the softest of sessions as well as the most extreme. I have a mercurial temperament and I play in both light and dark manners. 

Strap-on play is one of my specialties. My sluts must be clean. I enjoy giving enemas but may ask the submissive to cleanse himself before the session. I enjoy giving both rough and gentle anal play and use strap-on training in many different scenes. I love sissies, sluts, and boys that need taught a lesson. I get a thrill wearing a cock as it enhances my appearance and aids my desires.

Forced feminization and cross dressing are fantastic ways for a submissive to experience the power of transformation. As a woman that revels in femininity, I adore turning men into girls.

With a background in performance, I am a wicked and perverse role player with wardrobe and wit for various scenes. Be warned that I do not role-play with low-energy subs. My favorite role-play is the interrogation scene. I'd like to experiment more with medical role-play and am desirous for new uniforms.

I am an excellent Humiliatrix and adore those type of sessions, as long as you are stable enough to play without residual guilt, shame, or hatred. 

I am a sadist and love corporal sessions. If you are not into pain, that's fine as long as we share other interests. If you are a masochist you should see me immediately! Ideally you will be able to take marks. However, I am respectful of my sub's privacy and am experienced with flogging, cropping, and spanking while taking caution in regard to marking.

CBT and nipple torture/play have a way of making it in most of my sessions. I think every slave's cock should be tied up or in chastity when in my presence. The nipples make excellent tools for fine tuning the sensitivity and devotion of a slave. I enjoy needling, but I do not do this without discussing it prior to session. Again, I'm able to play heavy or light so don't hesitate to try these activities with me if you are nervous.

Leather and latex bondage are my favorite ways to restrict slaves. I enjoy rope bondage but I'm especially excited by the look, smell, and vibe of straightjackets, bodybags, hoods, and cuffs. Sensory deprivation is especially fun with a tight fitting diabolical hood. I also enjoy hoods that allow for eyes and mouth since the wearer is transformed from a human into an anonymous slave and I love that.

Golden showers are a pleasure. I've done them in public on the streets of Paris. I enjoy giving them as rewards and/or humiliation.

Slave training excites me but you must be serious. No half-assed slave training. I expect you to build upon our training and report to me regularly. If you want to try slave training without the strings, propose it as a role play. Real slaves, get ready to submit fully.

Wearing leather is a major fetish and I have one of the best leather wardrobes in all of femdom. I love the smell, touch, and look, but most of all I like how I feel when I wear it. So Dominant. Leather clothing can be tauntingly soft or intimidating and severe, depending on the outfit.

Latex clothing has always been a turn-on as I love the way it hugs my body and shines as sparkling as a diamond. In the last year, I've been getting deeper into latex as a fetish and enjoy experimenting with this in session. I adore being shined and worshiped while wearing rubber. I am perverted by the sticky gummy feel when it's tight on my body.

Lingerie is nice for certain scenes and I have various outfits I like to wear. I especially like nylons, thigh-highs, and pantyhose. I understand the pleasure in soft fabrics and the deliciousness of a lingerie clad woman who is strict and dominant.

I have a strong fetish for boots as I adore the look and I prefer the way I walk when wearing them. My favorite boots are over-the-knee, preferably thigh or crotch-high. I also enjoy high heel shoes and having men crawl behind my stilettos. Shoe and boot worship is a pleasure with those that have earned the reward.

If you have a wardrobe request let me know, otherwise I will wear whatever my favorite look of the moment happens to be. Although I prioritize leather I may choose lingerie or rubber. Even if I'm in workout clothes I look like a fashionable Goddess and exude domination. If you have a wardrobe request, keep it simple. Be polite and I may honor the request.

I have lovely feet, size US size 7. I change polish often but I do not take polish requests. Watch my Twitter or email me if you want to know what color I am wearing this week. I enjoy human carpets, trampling, massage, light kissing, and ball kicking with my bare feet. No licking! No foot jobs!

I do not smoke in my daily life, but I sometimes enjoy playing with human ashtrays and smoking fetishists. If this is your fantasy, be sure to ask what type of cigarettes/cloves I desire. I may decline the session since I detox often and don't always enjoy smoking. Be sure to ask if I'm in the mood and be prepared for an additional charge.

I am a scent fetishist and love the smell of my sweat mixed with one of my heady perfumes. I love to witness the ecstasy slaves animate when I allow them to come close enough to inhale my natural odors. Of course, I also love leather and the heavy smell it releases. I've done entire sessions revolving around scent play and they are quite intense!

Financial Domination is fabulous fun. If you are into this type of play, read my post about the subject and make sure you understand my likes and dislikes.


Types of play I do not offer:

  • race play
  • infantilism
  • hand jobs
  • brown showers
  • smothering in lingerie. I only offer this if I'm wearing a latex or leather outfit. 
  • wrestling
  • switch or sub (includes being tickled)
  • topless or nude
  • choke holds
  • forced intoxication (although I do enjoy sessions where I control use of poppers)
  • fart play

Typically I session out of a private dungeon in midtown Manhattan.  In cultivated relationships with submissives, I will consider outcalls and public play. 

 If you are interested in a session send me an email detailing your fantasies and experience.  Include your phone number so that I can conduct a brief phone interview with you before scheduling. 

New clients must provide a reference. If you cannot, there is a $25 fee for our first session, payable via Amazon Gift Card. I did not want to make this rule but unfortunately I have encountered too many flakes. No exceptions to the rule.

I am available for session from 10am-10pm, 7 days a week, but do not accept same-day appointments.  Contact me at least one day in advance. Clients will be instructed to confirm session via email before 10am on the day of the appointment.

Do not wear cologne to the session. I have a scent fetish and do not want your choice interfering with the pleasure I take in smelling my own body and perfumes.